Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Day In The City

I took a rare day off work today and spent it having fun with my good friend Meghan.  I met Meghan two years ago through her blog and we have several mutual friends.  (Are you listening, Megan Mae?)  This was the third time we've met in person (I visited her in Philly where she lives and we spent an earlier day thrifting in NYC.)  We were joined today by Meghan's friend Brenna who came in from Massachusetts.

Meghan has palpable charm and we enjoyed long conversations about her new job, her boyfriend, her fiction-writing and her life.  Meghan wore a dress she made herself featuring owls in the print.  She also wore an owl necklace.  I admire her sewing ability.  She offered to teach me that skill and I may take her up on the offer.

We planned today months ago in order to get tickets to the hottest show on Broadway -- "Kinky Boots".  Kinky Boots won the Tony award last year for Best Musical.  Its music was composed by Cyndi Lauper (who became famous in the Eighties with "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun").

The show was great.  A rousing song-and-dance musical with top-notch performances.  The outfits and choreography were amazing.  We were lucky to score terrific seats -- second row, center -- which gave us the best view in the theater.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and those who have yet to make up their minds...".

Here are some pictures from our day.  Why don't you come visit New York??



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Magical Journey Begins...

The magical pink boxing gloves have started their trip around the world.  They are traveling to faraway places and will adorn innumerable blogger-hands.  I'm really excited about this fun project!

The first person to wear the magic gloves is Gracey in Oregon.  The gloves had to cross the country to get to her.  Go visit Gracey's blog for more pictures.  You can sense the excitement and creative expression in Gracey's post.  In my opinion, she's a knockout!

It's never to late to join the list!  Just mention in the comments or an e-mail that you want to wear the gloves and they'll arrive in your mailbox some day.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Too Revealing?

Actress Maitland Ward, who is 37 years old and used to appear in "Boy Meets World", wore a sheer dress last week that attracted some attention.  In fact, it attracted a lot of attention.

Maitland says she was surprised at the attention it got.  I'm not.  Are you?



Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shorts and Color

You guys help me more than you know.  Not only do you support me as an audience, you inspire me with your ideas.  When you put together unusual outfits, I feel free to follow your lead.

So when someone as stylish as Larissa wears shorts with colored tights, I believe I can too.  Without role-models, I wouldn't try half the things you inspire me to do.

I'm playing here with bright colors.  I mix several and hope they gel.  (I'm wearing  pink tights; they almost disappear in the photos.) 

What do you think?





Saturday, April 19, 2014


How tough are you?  How well do you respond to hardship?  Are you strong or weak?

I know the answer about myself.  I'm tough.  I'm stoic.  I endure pain, suffering and mental stress better than most people.  Compared to your average overfed, lazy, middle-aged suburban man, I'm tough.

Let me give you an example.  Six weeks ago, I had a motorcycle accident.  I didn't tell you (or anyone else) the full extent of my injuries.  I fell on my right arm and twisted it badly under the weight of my body.  For a month after the accident, I had excruciating pain every time I touched something or simply put  my hand in my pocket.  Since I'm right-handed, searing pain occurred about every hour.  I couldn't write or type without suffering.

Yet I didn't miss a day of work.  I even conducted a trial a week after the accident.  I can't shake hands without wincing in pain, but showed up for battle regularly. 

My blogging barely slowed down.  I conceived creative, fun posts about a variety of subjects.  I learned to eat with my left hand.  I drove Gina with my left hand reaching across my body to move the stick-shift.

Despite this daily misery, I refrained from complaining online.  I didn't whine about my situation.  I didn't ask for sympathy.  I just pushed forward.

A week or two ago, my right arm started to heal.  I can move my wrist and forearm again.  There's still pain but I'm back to doing things.  Yesterday, I got on my motorcycle and rode for an hour.  It hurts to twist the throttle but I can bear that.  It feels good to be flying in the wind again.

An article in the new issue of The New Yorker describes how the best cave-explorers in the world climb miles underground, in the dark, for up to 14 days.  Without knowing what's in front of them, they squeeze through tiny spaces, fall down tall heights, wrestle with animal-life and bacteria, injure themselves -- and push forward on their mission.  They endure almost-constant suffering to do what they set out to do.  These guys are tough.  Compared to them, I'm a wimp.

How tough are you?  How well do you climb back from adversity?

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Old Days

Do you remember back before I became famous?  Before my blog was national news?

In the early days, my labor of love had a few dozen readers, most of whom became close friends.  We used to chat about fashion and life.  Our casual conversations were refreshing and fun.

Then a post of mine unexpectedly went viral; hundreds of thousands of readers flocked to my blog; I started making so much money from advertising that I quit my day-job; journalists interviewed me constantly on national programs; and relatives I barely knew called asking for loans.

Now I hobnob with celebrities; A-list actors try to appear on my blog; and I party all night in fancy hotels.  I don't even write my blog anymore... I have a team of assistants who produce daily posts.  Overnight, everything changed for me...

...oh wait... was that a dream??

Thursday, April 17, 2014

In Search Of Adventure

This picture is from a story in today's news.

A 3-year old boy in Nebraska was reported missing by his mother.   While she was in the bathroom, he scooted out the front door.  He was later found in a bowling alley across the street -- he climbed into the toy claw machine and was playing with the toys.   The police got him out of the machine unharmed.

You know he had fun.  At that age, we're just following our instincts.

Have you ever done anything like this?